Hi!!! I'm Stefani!

I have been a photographer since 2008, learning the tricks of the trade in a self-taught kind of way (I took one class though!), and have learned so much and basically have grown so much because of photography. For me it comes down to documenting a moment in your life that is precious to you: whether it is a photo of where you and your family is at this point in time, yourself as a young adult set out to enter the world after high school, or on the happiest day of your life at your wedding. I present these moments in a beautiful and creative way that you will have forever to look back on. And I LOVE being able to bless you like that!

a little about me

I am a Christian and I believe that my calling is to bless people with my photography. I am a middle child in a family of eleven kids (all from the same two people!), so I am surrounded by amazing, talented and wonderful people who are almost all entrepreneurs. In June of 2016 I married Dan, "the bank guy": we started talking at a bank on my 27th birthday, he was the teller and I was the customer, he asked my how my day was and the rest was history! Together we enjoy hiking, playing Cribbage or Munchkin (we have a ridiculous amount of expansions), and playing fetch with our newest kitty (who acts like a dog). I love that I have a wedding of my own to reference when I talk to brides, so I know what they are going through and what they need.

this is Dan, my favorite person in the world

Super random facts about me:






lost track

basically every time


the number of times I've watched the Office or Friends. Roundabout.

cats in our household

the number of poor garden snakes our cat Lilo has brought into the house in 2020 

times I've been to Hawaii. (Not even close to enough times) 

current number of weddings I've had the honor of photographing (yup I keep this updated!)

of how many other photo shoots I've done

I go to Portland I get Chick-Fil-A, unless it's a Sunday (sad face).

pairs of fuzzy socks that I currently own

Dan and I's current game scoreboard for some healthy fun competition

(we definitely have a chalkboard of this  hanging on our wall)


Dan wins

Stef wins




There is so much I love about photography, but what I enjoy the most is getting to work with people, both new and returning clients. I absolutely love to make people laugh and create candid moments for photos, it's seriously one of my favorite things (I think I've mentioned that like 20 times throughout this website). I've got an arsenal of ideas and prompts to make the experience fun and easy, and you will see me joking and laughing with my clients throughout my photo shoot sessions. This aspect, combined with the beauty of light and color, is why I do this. And then there are the sweet moments! Ah! There is nothing more beautiful than a shared secret smile or loving glance, and I think it's the coolest thing in the world that get to be the one to capture it!! 

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