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It's about your unique story and all the things that make it you

"Soo many wonderful things to say about Stefani! What I had invisioned for our shoot wasn't exactly what we did, due to time change & weather complications, but Stefani was cool, calm & collected, and produced images BETTER than what I was invisioning! I couldn't be happier to have met such a wonderful person & photographer! Our Christmas cards have NEVER been cuter & I look forward to working with her again in the future! Thank you soo much!!"

Jaclyn P.

Each chapter in your life is so precious. Kids grow up and move out in the blink of an eye, milestones happen over and over, new chapters come. Looking back on those moments help freeze a piece of our history and stories in place. One of my favorite things growing up was pulling out our old photo albums and looking through it, marveling at how much people have changed over the years, how young my parents were once. Seeing myself as a kid, being silly or even during my teenage years (which I can appreciate more now...). I soooo wish that I had a photo of my mom when she was pregnant with me, I would cherish it and the bond that happened there (I might be tearing up a little write now as I write this). 

We are people who wrap our arms around loved ones and snuggle them to pieces, we laugh together, exchange inside jokes and be silly, we look at the people we love and think WOW, we are so lucky to have them. Those are the moments I want to capture and preserve!

A typical session with me looks like spending an hour or so going around to a few cool spots on location, typically outdoors. For families I work with the whole group, and then different relationships inside that. For individuals I try to bring out their unique personality through a variety of movement and natural poses. I always make sure to get some looking at the camera photos, but interactions and joy is what I love! Regardless of the type of photos you need, I always tell you how to stand, what to do, and I have an arsenal of ideas for real and authentic smiles. It's always my goal to make you as comfortable in front of the camera as possible! And I can give you outfit tips too!  

My emphasis is on candid photos of being together, and I give you ways to interact that creates natural laughter and moments.

I don't have a set number, but I have a baseline number of 30 generally just as a starting point. Since I am a candid photographer, I want to provide you with all the good moments. So I basically go through all of the photos from the session, cull them down to the best ones, and those are the ones I edit and give to you. I'm not stingy, but I try to not be too overwhelming. I always provide black and white versions in addition to color versions as well.

My turnaround time is about 2 weeks, and as soon as I am finished editing the photos, I upload them to a private online gallery on my website and send you the link and password. They are all downloadable!

 How many images will you deliver?

At this time I do not provide prints, only the edited digital downloads. I provide you with a print release form and you can print them anywhere you would like! I also give you recommendations for where to print as well.

Of course, I would totally be willing to help you though if you need help with ordering prints! 

Do you give prints?

Yes yes absolutely! Fur babies belong in photos too! Be prepared for it to be a little more chaotic with animals involved but it would be so worth it to include them!

Can we bring our dog? 

Totally, I've got you covered! I have this outfit inspiration guide that covers a lot of things. Generally, it's best to dress in a general color scheme so outfits compliment each other. Mixing solids and patterns makes it really visually appealing as well. 

I don't really know what to wear, can you give me tips?

Absolutely! Once I know what kind of look you are going for, I can give you some ideas of places! Nature, water, building, modern, epic locations, you name it, I'll give you ideas. 

Do you have suggestions for locations? 

Yup, that is a giant issue in Oregon especially in the fall and winter. There are a few options for rain: 

1. I am a full time photographer so my schedule can be flexible, and if we need to move our photo session to a different date then I totally understand and would be happy to acommodate!

2. Having a backup location. While this isn't ideal if you had your heart set on doing photos in a certain place, it is always an option. There are a few places I can suggest as a backup location for just in case, which usually consists of building overhangs, gazebo or covered areas. 

3. There is a super cute little rentable studio space in downtown Salem. If weather was a huge issue, then I'm happy to book it!  We can reserve it for hour increments, and it has a nonrefundable booking fee so I would require that upon booking as extra. The photo pictured was taken there! 

What if it's raining?

Yassss!!! I am happy to go outside of my little area for photos! I do have a travel fee for areas that are generally 60+ miles outside of Salem, roundtrip.

Do you do travel?

My regular photo package is $375 for a 60-90 minute session, 30+ edited digital photos, a print release form, and black and white versions of the photos in addition to color versions.

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