Kari + Justin

Tanner Springs Park, Portland, Oregon


I wish I could remember everything that is said during a wedding ceremony, especially the vows. I have the hardest time remembering the words but I usually remember the essence of the words. When Kari and Justin were speaking of their promises to each other, I remember very clearly that I was in awe of their bond and their tenderness towards each other. I mean there was laughter, tears, the works. I was too nervous to do vows at my own wedding, but hearing them makes me wish I did!

It was an intimate wedding ceremony in the middle of June, at this teeny tiny Portland park with a kinda weird but cool fence structure thing. They had traveled from California to get married here, and came with an entourage of friends and family to surround and support them. For intimate weddings, I think it’s fun to do a group shot of everyone, and then bring the bride and groom forward for a dip kiss and have everyone cheer for them. We did this, and after he dipped her, she said “I want a turn!!” and tried to dip him (it didn’t work very well), but it was hilarious. I love my clients!

March 3, 2020

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