Beach Family Photos

When Grandpa says “I want to take pics with all the grandkids!” and proceeds to have them climb all over him and stand like a strange sort of pyramid, you know this family is awesome. This was an extended family session, and usually during these sessions I do some photos of everyone together, and then whatever combination of family members they want during my time with them. This family was so willing to be goofy and be themselves, it was amazing to witness their connection!

Let’s be real, all of these folks I take photos of are real people, with personalities, senses of humor, and love to share. I would way rather take a picture of everyone squeezing mom in a hug than a stiff, posed prom pic. I always get that nice looking at the camera shot of course, absolutely, but those candid shots that show connection are what I super love and am all about! I do realize that every family has a comfort level and threshold for being silly in front of a camera, and I adjust my direction based on that comfort level. I try to create an environment where smiles come easy and being in front of the camera “wasn’t that bad after all!” (and dare I say: even fun???)

Location: Lincoln City, Oregon

March 5, 2020

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