Isaac and Christine

These two are my longtime friends and they have been married for years (I was a bridesmaid in their wedding! And she was a bridesmaid in mine!) and I was honored to photograph their love on the beach at Proposal Rock in Neskowin, Oregon. It was suuuuper cold, but that didn’t stop us from running around on the beach and having a blast while avoiding the freezing waves (no frolicking-in-the-ocean-photos here, these are not tropical waters folks!) We got there about an hour or so before sunset, because sunset at the beach is the BEST and working with that light is my fav. One of the best moments of their session was when I had him hold her really close (partly because the cold wind…) and just take in this moment together, where they are at in life, and how far they have come. There is something really special about those who have been married for a while and still have such a deep connection, and I love to capture it.

April 13, 2020

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