Hannah + Nick

Okay these two. SUPER fun couple. Hannah and Nick got married at the courthouse the day before our session, and I had another wedding that day so I couldn’t document their ceremony. We met up the next morning at Silver Falls to take their photos all dressed up. They are the goofiest, most fun loving couple I have worked with yet and I think my face hurt afterwards from laughing so much. Hannah said about them something like “I mean we are in love, but we are best friends too and aren’t the most lovey of couples” so I chucked my plans for romantic prompts and I went with more of the fun stuff, and we were able to sneak in some sweet moments too (especially down by the waterfall, I think that just naturally brings the romance out!). Each couple is so unique, and some are more affectionate while others just want to be goofy, and I am more than happy to adapt each session to what truly reflects the people involved. Sorry not sorry for the overshare, there were just too many good ones!

January 20, 2021

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