Noble + Mallory

Government Cove, Oregon

Okay so this was a photo session that lit up my soul. I had been DYING to take photos at this specific place along the Columbia River Gorge, called Government Cove. I had seen so many other photo sessions done here and was completely enamored by what I saw, and was able to convince Noble and Mallory to take their engagement photos here. The terrain here is so diverse, so beautiful, and the higher we climbed up the better it got. It wasn’t too bad of a hike up, really just up a little hill, and we stopped at various spots along the way.

‚ÄčNoble and Mallory together though outshone everything. They are amazing, goofy, romantic, and so incredibly fun to work with. We basically laughed the entire time, well outside of those super tender beautiful moments of expressing how much they meant to each other. I have the great honor of being their wedding photographer, and I cannot wait to work with them again on their wedding day.

March 3, 2020

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